Supporting the interests of contractors | Sunday, May 19th, 2019

What is Contractor Alliance?

Contractor Alliance is a UK network for IT contractors. It puts contractors back in the driving seat to find work direct and enables you to cross-refer business.

When you register we ask you for your business details, including your key skills and location, so that you can be found by other members, plus any end clients you are willing to name where you have contacts, along with any contractor skills they are known to hire on a regular basis.

Finding work direct

Contractors can then search for end clients by location or name and forward their CV to the contractor linked to that client. It is entirely up to that contractor if the CV is forwarded, as no end client contact details are divulged on the site. Contractors placing successful CVs on behalf of another member may then choose to negotiate a finder’s fees with their client contact.

Forming Alliances

If your client asks you to find team mates you can use the network to build up a team with other members’ permission.

Increase your value to clients

With the network at your fingertips, your value to clients should increase. You can now either offer the complementary strength of your skills teamed with another member's, or find contractors to work on an entirely separate project. Not forgetting, of course, finding contractors for your own subby needs.
Happy networking!


The network is only open to contractors based in the UK. All initial contact is via private message with your contact details kept hidden until you agree to form an alliance – this is to encourage open and honest dealings. Please refer to our terms of membership and privacy policy.

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