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Terms of Membership


We endeavour to offer the best possible deals and offers from third party companies via Contractor Alliance and are careful to select companies we believe will offer good service. However, any grievances you may have with these companies must be taken up direct with them. Contractor UK Ltd has no responsibility for services or products offered from third parties through Contractor Alliance. Contractor UK makes no guarantee as to the future availability of discounted third party offers.


The contractor network is intended to facilitate contact with other IT contractors for the purpose of both finding work and subbies or team mates. Where IT contractors are approached by anyone acting otherwise (i.e. agents) we ask that you report them to us as this is not the intended purpose of Contractor Alliance.

We ask that you treat all members of Contractor Alliance with respect and courtesy. Do not spam, harass or pass any details of other members on to outside parties without their prior permission. Contractor Alliance is only open to IT contractors based in the UK. We reserve the right to terminate your membership without notice if we deem your use of Contractor Alliance to be in breach of these terms and conditions.


The rules for the general chat area of our forum are exactly the same as those on the Contractor UK main site, in brief: do not post anything defamatory or unpleasant, no third party copyright material and no advertising other than in the nature of sourcing IT contractors or selling your IT contractor services.

Site Information

The terms for using are exactly the same as those of, which can be found here.

You should seek advice from a professional advisor before acting on any information contained on Contractor Alliance.

Your subscription is non-returnable.

Contractor Alliance is only open to UK contractors.

In signing up to Contractor Alliance, we will from time to time notify you of new deals and offers we have secured for our members or remind you of other relevant offers such as contractor insurance. Opt-out instructions can be found in your profile area.

Contractor Alliance is owned and managed by Contractor UK Ltd.